Instant Technologies specializes in developing innovative, enterprise IM compliance and productivity solutions for IBM Sametime and Microsoft Office Communications Server.  We are experts in unified communications and real-time collaboration.  

In addition to our portfolio of Sametime products and Microsoft OCS/Lync products, we also have the skill and experience to develop custom IM solutions to your specific requirements.  

If you are struggling with any of these issues, we can help:

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Managing ever-changing buddy lists and group memberships
  • Improving and accelerating your help desk and customer service operations with enterprise live chat
  • Facilitating cross-organizational collaboration and decision making in real-time
  • Responding to electronic data discovery requests

This solution brief describes how you can maximize the return on your IM investment by securing and extending IBM Sametime with solutions to help you comply with regulatory requirements, meet electronic data discovery requests, enforce IM usage policies, improve help desk efficiency, provide live chat to improve customer support, and facilitate persistent chat for cross-organizational team collaboration.

Instant Solutions for Your Real-time Business Dilemmas

​Dilemma:  Comply with Regulatory Requirements

SEC Rule 17a-4 requires that certain business records and communications be kept (and accessible) for three years, and that transaction-related communications be kept and made accessible for seven years after the event.  In March 2003, the NYSE issued a memo stating that SEC Rule 17a-4 requires the archiving of both e-mail and instant message chats.  Most compliance experts agree - if you archive your email, you should archive your IM threads.

Solution:  IM Archiving, Search, and Discovery

Instant IMtegrity Archives for IBM Sametime and Instant Archive Viewer for Microsoft Office Communications Server help you to meet regulatory requirements by archiving and indexing your IM threads so they can be easily searched and retrieved in response to regulatory audits.

Dilemma:  Manage Ever-Changing Buddy Lists and Group Memberships

Because employees and their personal data are in a constant state of flux, the accuracy of every user's data, their buddy lists, and all group memberships, is never certain.  How do you ensure the accuracy of your Sametime user data, buddy lists, and group memberships in an environment of never-ending change?

Solution:  Centrally-controlled, Server-side Buddy List Management

Instant Buddy List Administrator for IBM Sametime gives administrators centralized control of groups (public and private) and users.  You can quickly add or delete single or multiple buddies, bots, and groups.  And if a user's data changes, you need only make a single revision and it will automatically propagate across all group memberships.

Additions, deletions, and changes are instantaneous—and they take effect without ever touching your users' desktops.  Perhaps more importantly, the updates are made live, in real-time—the server does not need to be rebooted; users can be online and active; and if a mistake is made, you can quickly and easily roll back to your previous configuration.

Dilemma:  Improve and Accelerate Help Desk / Customer Support Operations

Your employees' productivity is a function of the speed at which they gain access to the information and resources they need to do their jobs.  The length of your sales cycles and your customer satisfaction levels are a function of your ability to answer their questions completely and quickly.  How can you leverage your investment in real-time collaboration to increase employee productivity and/or improve your customer support processes?

Solution:  Presence-aware, Real-time Access to Helpful Experts

Instant Queue Manager for IBM Sametime gives your employees and customers a single source for immediate, expert assistance.  Queues can be displayed on buddy lists or on portal pages so users can seek help from within Sametime or from anywhere in the world via a web browser.  A bot simply alerts an expert to a request for help; the expert accepts the request and renders assistance; and every interaction is fully logged to a central database for reporting and auditing.

Dilemma:  Cross-organizational Collaboration and Decision Making in Real-time

For instant messaging to be of value as a communications medium in which dynamic teams can collaborate on projects, the 'virtual chat rooms' in which actions are planned and decisions are made must persist for the duration of the project.  The same holds true for the content (conversations, files, images, etc).  With team members scattered across time zones, each member must have access to conversations that took place, and content that was posted, in their absence.

Solution:  Persistent, Topic-based Real-time Chat Rooms

Instant Buddy Team Sessions for IBM Sametime combines the presence awareness and real-time communication benefits of instant messaging with the persistence of email.  Cross-organizational teams can collaborate on specific topics in the atmosphere of an open forum where both the chat room and the content— conversations, documents, files, bookmarks—persist over time.

Dilemma:  Respond to Electronic Data Discovery Requests

IM chats are classified as 'electronically stored information' (ESI) that is subject to electronic data discovery (EDD, or e-Discovery) under changes made to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in 2006. Legal forensic experts recommend that all corporations centrally archive their IM chats.  Doing so will drastically reduce the costs of electronic data discovery orders and ensure quick and complete responses to such orders.

Solution:  IM Archiving, Search, and Discovery

Instant IMtegrity Archives for IBM Sametime and Instant Archive Viewer for Microsoft Office Communications Server archives and indexes your IM threads so you can quickly and completely meet FRCP-mandated electronic discovery requests.