Professional Services

With our certified Instant Messaging developers and administrators, Instant Technologies can offer IBM Lotus Sametime and Microsoft Office Communications Server customization, integration, and administration services.

If  you are considering extending your real-time communication infrastructure to enhance your intranet, extranet, or Windows-based applications with presence awareness and the ability to instantly communicate and collaborate with others, we can help.

We can add immediate value in the following areas:
  • Analyze and prepare architectural assessments prior to deployment
  • Develop and extend Sametime/OCS services across intranet applications
  • Add instant communications capabilities to existing applications
  • Develop and deploy customized agents, or bots, in order to quickly and easily expose corporate back-end information and services
  • Developer enablement - we offer 1-3 day developer training customized for your requirements
  • End user training

Instant's consultants have been developing and deploying Instant Messaging applications for over 4 years and offers expertise in the following areas:
  • Sametime Server Installation and Configuration
  • Microsoft Office Communications Server Installation and Configuration
  • Sametime Server Administration
  • Microsoft Office Communications Server Administration
  • Sametime "bot" development and customization
  • Microsoft Office Communications Server "bot" development and customization
  • Custom Client Development using:
    • C++ Toolkits
    • Java Toolkits
    • COM Toolkits
  • Web Integration through:
    • Sametime Links
    • Java Clients
  • Sametime Training
To put our experience to work for you, please contact us at or at 1-800-884-0443 (Intl: 1-603-418-8735)