Need a new Sametime Archiving, Compliance or eDiscovery Application?

IMtegrity Archives is THE best replacement for Symantec IM Manager, Akonix, and Actiance Facetime

IMtegrity is stable, scales from 40-40,000 users and installs in 30 minutes!

Do you have a need for a new IM application?

  • End of Life (Symantec IM Manager or Akonix)
  • Current solution is too complex and unstable
  • Application is too expensive and you need to reduce costs

Migrate to IMtegrity Archives today!

  • Stable, scalable and easy to install
  • Integrates with EMC SourceOne, EMC Legato, and other 3rd party compliance applications
  • Competitively priced


If you are a customer looking to migrate from the full version of IM Manager/IM Logic to IMtegrity Archives please contact and notify us that you're a current IM Manager/IM Logic, Akonix, or Actiance customer.

About the Instant Upgrade Program

Running now through December 31, 2012, the program and discount is exclusive to prospective customers who can show ownership of a competitive product to IMtegrity. It is available from participating channel partners, distributors, and directly from Instant. To take advantage of this limited time offer, customers must show proof of ownership of either IM Manager, IM Logic or Facetime. The discount applies on a one-for-one license trade-in so there is no limit on the number of licenses a company can purchase through this limited time promotion.

Product End of Life (EOL) Announcements

About Instant IMtegrity Archives

Instant IMtegrity Archives is the leading Lotus Sametime archiving and compliance, search, and discovery solution for IBM Lotus Sametime. IMtegrity Archives helps organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements and enforce internal IM usage policies. Instant IMtegrity is a highly scalable, and stable, Sametime Archiving application and is in use at many of the leading financial service organizations. Learn more about IMtegrity Archives today.