HR Auditor for Lync Overview HR Auditor for Microsoft Lync

HR Auditor for Microsoft Lync is a search and eDiscovery tool that allows you to search, view and export Lync IM conversations within your existing archive database.

HR Auditor installs seamlessly in less than 30 minutes, allows authorized users to view Lync IM conversations with advanced search functionality, and provides a modern UI with rich features and charts.


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Install HR Auditor for Lync

HR Auditor is a quick, easy install. Server requirements include  the .NET 4.0 Framework and Microsoft IIS. HR Auditor requires read access to your Active Directory and SQL server containing your LCSLogs. Install is typically less than 30 minutes.

Search with HR Auditor for Lync

Quickly search chat conversations by keyword, user, or date range. Visualization tools provide immediate views of usage levels, and allow you to quickly drill down into specific date ranges. Basic search is a powerful tool for browsing chat history.

Search for users by typing in their name, and HR Auditor will match their name against Active Directory using a type-ahead matching feature.

Export with HR Auditor for Lync

HR Auditor has a built in utility that allows for quick and easy export of conversations to either .PDF, .CSV or .TXT formats. You can export individual conversations, or an entire result set of conversations. PDF exports of multiple conversations are created with an index of each conversation, neatly organizing the results for review in your preferred PDF viewing program.


Advanced Search with HR Auditor for Lync

Advanced search allows for complex queries to pinpoint specific conversations.  Specify particular users, keywords, or date ranges that you want to include or exclude from your searches. Visualizations provide quick feedback on the number of results across different dates.

Technical Requirem​ents for HR Auditor for Lync:


  • Windows Server 2008R2 or Windows Server 2012 (note: Application cannot be installed on the same server hosting Lync)
  • Microsoft IIS6 Compatibility management installed
  • ASP.NET server role installed
  • Windows Authentication server role installed
  • Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0 Framework installed


  • Active Microsoft Lync environment with archiving to SQL Server enabled
  • SQL Server (the application supports both SQL and Windows authentication)
  • Account credentials with access to Active Directory
  • Account credentials with READ access to LCSlogs on your SQL Server


HR Auditor is accessed via the end users web browser. We support the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8+ (9+ is recommended)
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera

HR Auditor was designed to be accessed from a desktop or laptop computer. The application can be accessed from a tablet or phone, but the application is not currently optimized for those platforms.




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November 26, 2013
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