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Instant IMtegrity Archives

IM archiving, search, and discovery for IBM Lotus Sametime.

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Click here to download a free trial of Instant IMtegrity Archives (version 4.15 updated Sept 23, 2011).

Instant White Paper:  Build or Buy a Lotus Sametime Archiving Solution?

Click here to download a free white paper that describes the issues you need to consider before embarking on an internal development project.

Technical Brief:  Integrated Lotus Sametime Chat and Lotus Notes Email Archiving

Learn how Instant IMtegrity Archives is easily integrated with your Lotus Notes email archiving solution to deliver a seamless, unified archive of all your electronic communications.


Sametime Chat Logging and Sametime Server-based Archiving with Full Search and Discovery for Regulatory Compliance and Internal Policy Enforcement

Capture Lotus Sametime chats with server-based chat logging for internal policy enforcement and/or external regulatory compliance.

Convert your archived Sametime IM chat logs into a usable business asset.

Give end users access to past Sametime chats so they can do their jobs effectively.

Supports Sametime V7.x and V8.x.

Instant IMtegrity Archives provides Lotus Sametime IM chat logging, archiving, search, and discovery for IBM Lotus Sametime. If questions are asked about who said what to whom, Instant IMtegrity Archives will provide irrefutable evidence.

  • Log and audit all Sametime chats
  • Track who said what, what was discussed, when it was discussed, and how long the discussion lasted
  • Tag Sametime chats in real-time - chats that match pre-defined criteria trigger automatic notifications to designated recipients
  • Capture all images, emoticons, and screenshots in line with the Sametime chat text
  • Admin console enables granular, Sametime server-based IM search and discovery
  • Enforce internal Sametime IM usage policies
  • Respond quickly and completely to Sametime IM compliance audits and oversight committee IM discovery requests
  • Access to Sametime archives is secured by Access Control Lists
  • Quickly create highly configurable, flexible, and powerful rules to precisely control which Lotus Sametime messages should be included or excluded from Sametime chat logging
  • Easily set automatic Action Rules to run predefined actions for archived Sametime chats that match specific selection criteria
  • Lotus Sametime server-based archives and logs are fully indexed and easily searchable
  • Quickly search Sametime chat archives by date or by person, or do advanced Sametime archive searches with Boolean operations, within time frames, or over a set conversation length
  • Sametime IM conversations—like email—become a usable digital asset

Complementary products: Disclaimer messages automatically alert your Sametime users to your internal usage policies, or remind them that their chats are being archived and are subject to search and discovery. Seeing such messages each time they log in reduces both potential IM abuse and your legal risks related to IM abuse.

Instant Sametime Disclaimers automatically delivers disclaimer messages to internal users

Instant External Disclaimers automatically delivers disclaimer messages to external users (eg, AOL, Yahoo) via a Lotus Sametime Gateway extension

Instant IMtegrity Archives leverages your existing technologies and your administrators’ existing skills. It is tightly integrated with the underlying Sametime infrastructure to enhance the value of our your investments in IBM technology and training. You do not need to deploy any additional appliances or hardware, and IMtegrity’s native Sametime design eliminates the need for additional proxy servers.

Other key architectural benefits:

  • IMtegrity is integrated with Sametime’s native chat logging facility
  • IMtegrity uses familiar Lotus Domino data storage and system maintenance
  • IMtegrity uses Notes .NSF as its data storage system to leverage existing access control lists, administrative policies, and training

Are you unhappy with your current Sametime archiving system? We have a competitive upgrade program that makes it easy for you to switch to Instant IMtegrity archives - likely for less than the cost of renewing support with your current vendor!

Instant IMtegrity for IBM Lotus Sametime allows you to securely log, save, and archive IBM Lotus Sametime Connect client chats. Chat logging formats include XML, plain text and Lotus Notes database formats. All recorded chats are accessible via web browser and/or Lotus Notes and are protected by access control lists. Chat participant names are color encoded for easier identification. Chats can be full text searched via a "Google-style" web interface. Instant IMtegrity supports SOCKS 4 and 5 proxy servers and LDAP Directory servers. Installation is easy thanks to a fully automatic MSI installer. Instant IMtegrity provides full support to reach SEC 17a-4 and NASD 3010 compliance for Sametime chat.

  • Archive IM traffic for SEC compliance
  • Sametime chat logging
  • Sametime chat auditing
  • Sametime chat archiving
  • Federated Authentication
  • Full text search chat logs via browsers and/or Lotus Notes Clients
  • Store and process chat logs as XML or plain text
  • Perform statistical analysis of corporate IM usage

With Instant IMtegrity for IBM Lotus Sametime, you can automatically log, save, search, and archive IBM Lotus Sametime Connect chats to include customers and suppliers.

For companies in the financial services sector, regulatory compliance is of great importance. With Instant IMtegrity for IBM Lotus Sametime, your company can be well on the way to US SEC 17a-4 and US NASD 3010 compliance.

Providing a secure, extensible, searchable and easy to navigate UI for both browser browsers and Lotus Notes clients, Instant IMtegrity for IBM Lotus Sametime allows you to analyze and search all IM usage, including 1-1 chats, n-way chats, and even Sametime meeting room chats.

Refer to this IBM article for information on how to enable Sametime server-based chat logging:
(Note: To enable Sametime chat logging, a chat logging DLL called STChatLog.dll must reside in C:\Lotus\Domino.)

Read how IBM leverages Instant IMtegrity's Sametime chat logging capabilities to help the US DoD meet their requirements for Sametime server-based archiving.

Learn why a global energy provider replaced Akonix with Instant IMtegrity to meet their Sametime compliance requirements.

A global financial services provider turned to Instant IMtegrity for its Sametime chat logging and search & discovery capabilities to meet their requirements for Sametime IM discovery requests.

A global steel manufacturer deployed Instant IMtegrity to capture Sametime chats for electronic data discovery requirements under FRCP regulations.

Do you need a unified archive of all electronic communications? Learn how Instant helped Phoenix Contact achieve seamless integration of their Lotus Notes and Lotus Sametime archives.

Instant Testimonials


"Our deployment of Instant IMtegrity Archives was a total success. It was easy-as-anything to install, and it is simply intuitive to use. We are now able to quickly and completely comply with SEC audits and internal discovery requests."

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Click here to download the Instant IMtegrity Archives data sheet.

Click here to read what's new in v4.15 (released Sept 23, 2011).

Click here for system requirements.

Click here to download the documentation and deployment guide.

Click here to download the Instant Legato Connector install guide.

Click here to download the External Instant Disclaimer deployment guide.

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