Reporting for IBM Sametime

View charts in order to measure traffic and usage across your IBM Sametime system. Display high level information organized by year and export to Excel or view reports from STLOG and IMTCHATLOG4 (IMtegrity database)

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25 high quality charts

Charts are all pre-loaded and configured to perform right out of the box. Navigate all 25 charts categorized by IM sessions, N-Ways or create your own category and chart parameters.

Choose to view your stlog or IMtegrity database using Live Feed. Your reports will be generated in real-time! Requires Sametime 7.5.1 and above.

Print and export to Excel

Export all of your report data to Excel for convenient analysis. Print out your charts for a hot presentation to your team!

Create and manage filters to generate reports on certain people or groups

Report on specific users by creating and saving a filter; Select the filter to view the charts displayed by this criteria. Example: Create a filter on help desk members, specifically, how many support issues are being handled and how many are being passed to another agent. Click to enlarge images of filter examples below.

Report for the Help Desk


Report for the Marketing Department



The image above, is an example of a filter that has been applied in order to view charting and reporting for the Queues of our Help Desk


The image above, is an example of a filter that has been applied in order to view charting and reporting for our Marketing Department

Drill down capability

Drill-down from Year, by Month, by Day and By Hour, simply by clicking the desired bar on the graph.  The chart displays immediately for you to analyze at a different time frame.

Simple to install

Create the database from the provided template and host on the Lotus Domino Server. All charts are conveniently accessed via your internet Browser. The requirements for installing the Charting for IBM Sametime are the Domino Server and IBM Sametime Server. There is no configuration on the client side.

The st log view will show charting and reporting from the stlog.nsf database. Stlog.nsf holds statistics, logged from your IBM Sametime System about data generated from IBM Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing.



"Charting and Reporting for Lotus Sametime is the answer for monitoring our Lotus Sametime Server statistics.

Charting & Reporting Screenshots

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View Stlog statistics
View Sametime Live Statistics
View IMtegrity statistics


Lotus Domino 6,7,8+ Pre-Installed

Lotus Sametime 6,7,8+ Pre-Installed

Lotus Notes  Client 6,7,8+