Plug-ins enhance your investment in IBM Lotus Sametime by adding functionality above and beyond Sametime's native feature set.  Instant Technologies has a wealth of experience in developing custom plug-ins for specific customer requirements. 

Below are a few examples of plug-ins we developed to extend the capabilities of some of our Sametime products.  Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements.  If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Click here to view screenshots of these Sametime plug-ins.

Sametime Plug-in:  Instant Queue Manager Canned Messages

This plug-in allows operators to service multiple simultaneous requests from Instant Queue Manager.  It also allows operators to maintain a personalized list of their most frequent responses and thereby eliminate the need to re-type those responses over and over again.  

Sametime Plug-in:  Instant Queue Manager CRM Token

This plug-in identifies in real-time who is submitting requests from Instant Queue Manager.  It securely retrieves a visitor’s details (email address, phone number, etc) from the CRM system so operators can provide the best possible service.  

Sametime Plug-in:  Instant Team Sessions Places

This plug-in allows Sametime users to quickly access places in Instant Team Sessions and customize the way they interact with persistent chat room members and content.

  • Pre-configure place-specific alerts

  • Instantly translate both incoming and outgoing messages (when used with IBM Websphere Translation Server)

  • Share files and bookmarks in a persistent chat room

  • Search chat history in a persistent chat room

  • Invite other Sametime users to join a persistent room