Award-winning Bots No Programming Easy to Build

Add immediate value to your existing Sametime and LCS/OCS instant messaging infrastructure through Instant Agent Framework (IAF). IAF allows an administrator to quickly create and deploy bots that can
query a company's ADO data sources upon request - making valuable information readily available to all employees.

  • Wizard-like Configuration Build bots in minutes - no programming experience required.
  • Built-in Logging See which bots are being used, when, and by whom.
  • Flexible Queries Query Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, and other data sources supported by Microsoft's ADO.
  • No Client Installation Your users already have Sametime or LCS/OCS clients on their desktops - that is all they need to access bots created by Instant Agent Framework.
  • Mobile Access Available from mobile devices such as PDAs, or cell phones.
  • Automatic Sorting Result sets are automatically sorted and grouped into page sets for
    quick navigation.
  • "Who Can See" Easily configure a 'who can see' list to control access to the bot.
  • Highly Configurable Easily configure the text resources, field layouts, and database
  • No Per Bot Fee Design and run as many bots as you need.
  • Increase Employee Productivity Provide your employees with quick access to important information they need to do their jobs effectively.
  • Query Without SQL Statements Easily develop a query against a single table without any SQL statements.
  • Query With Custom SQL Statements Use your own SQL statements to develop more complex queries that access multiple tables.

Instant Agent Framework is the fastest way to develop bots that query ADO databases. The application environment is fast, flexible, and designed to add immediate value to your instant messaging platform.

Instant Agent Framework is also available for LDAP, SQL, Oracle9i, IBM DB2 databases, and other ADO-compliant databases.

Solution Brief:  Sametime Bot Deployment Scenarios

Download this brief to learn how you can use Instant Agent Framework to improve and automate access to information and to expert assistance.  Real-world bot deployment examples are described.  

The Shepherd Center describes the value of Instant Agent Framework in this customer perspective.

MediCorp Health System dramatically increased communication efficiency with help from Instant Agent Framework.  Read how.

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Easy to Create - Anyone can create bots in minutes.  No programming experience required.

Easy to Deploy - Instantly provision bots to groups of users simply by creating a group in your address book.  Bots appear dynamically in your users' buddy lists.

Highly Scalable - Easily run multiple instances of IAF on a single machine.  You do not need a dedicated server.